Daniel Beyer

Sr. Loan Officer


There are many things about the lending business that Daniel Beyer finds gratifying — like meeting new people and getting a difficult loan through final approval. But the most gratifying moments are when clients say, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to answer the phone.” A 13-year veteran in the industry, Beyer is a senior mortgage consultant at Stonehaven Mortgage. “When people are surprised that I answer my phone, this means a lot to me,” he says, “because I know how nervous people can be when purchasing a home for themselves, and I don’t think they should ever have to wait for answers. That’s why I try to make myself as accessible as possible.” Beyer credits his family background in real estate for his natural transition into lending. “My family has a long history of working in real estate in Chicago,” he relates. “My mother is in her 47th year at Chicago Title & Trust, and my sister is a real estate trust attorney, so it felt like a natural transition for me to move into lending.” Beyer’s success in the lending business is evident from the accolades he has received, including being recognized in the “Scotsman Guide” as a Top 1% Originator for four consecutive years (2019-2023) and by the National Association of Home Builders. Answering his phone every time it rings is just one sign of Beyer’s fierce dedication to getting the deal done. “I always ask the question ‘How can we get this deal done?’ instead of ‘Why doesn’t this deal work?” he explains. “That’s why, during the last year, lenders have had to get creative.”